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Well, it's been five months since my last mini-update. I said it was a busy four months back then, and let me say that its been a busy five months since.

The big news is, I'm married now, and she is a wonderful, loving, caring, understanding, and smart woman. I am very happy. But it takes some getting used to. After all, being alone for so long gets a person set in their ways. But I am willing to learn.

The banquet in December was a great big thing, and lots of things went wrong, as I'm told always happens. In the end, we perservered. And came home with a lot of stuff. And we're still trying to get all the thank-you cards sent out.

And the honeymoon in Hawaii was great. Neither of us had ever been to the Aloha State. We spent only a week there on the one island of Oahu, spending most of the time in Waikiki. It was great. Went to see the touristy stuff, and bought a few things. One of the things I wanted to do, which I did, was visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Unfortunately, a very BAD thing happened. Before we left on the vacation, I thought I would be smart and unplug all the electronics so nothing happens to them. Off we go to Hawaii, and we come back. The first thing I do after dropping the bags off is start plugging things back in. Well, let me tell you what a scary thing it is to here loud electrical crackling sounds coming from your electronics. I had everything plugged into one APC BackUPS Office 280, with the battery backup going to my computer and the other plugs going into my stereo system. As soon as I turn the power to the APC on, something started making a loud crackling noise. I quickly shut the APC off and went to see what happened. I couldn't see anything, so I isolated a few of the pieces, and started powering them on one by one. I got to my computer and it made the same sound again. I shut if off, then turned it back on and the noise stopped, but by then I guess it was all burnt out. Well, my stereo equipment was safe, my Laserdisc and DVD were safe, my TV was safe, and the Digital Cable set-top box was safe, although it did not turn on for a few minutes.

Having a cable-modem is great. I had DSL last year, but turned it off when I moved in with my girlfriend-now-wife. I figured I would give cable a go, and it works well. I can't seem to see much difference between cable-modem service and DSL service, except that cable is cheaper if you get cableTV service with it. But if you don't need cable, then DSL would be the cheaper solution.

Anyway, back to the computer. Fortunately the computer was still under warranty. I had been ready for a fight to get it fixed, but everything went okay, with the guys apologizing to me because the model hard drive that was in it (Maxtor 18gb) may have had a manufacturing defect. I didn't care too much, as long as the computer got fixed. Even upgraded to a 40gb model for $40 extra. The only thing that I lost was a lot of scanned images that I had meant to back-up on CDs, seven months worth of Quicken bank data, and a few miscellaneous items. Oh well, nothing that I can't replace over time.

Also got a nice new 8X CD writer from HP. It's pretty good. I just wished I made use of it a lot sooner.

And one last note. There will no longer be any new pictures available on the website. Now that there are others to consider, I have decided to post these pictures only on Photo sharing sites accessible only be password. All pictures that are already here will stay here, grandfathered in. But we'll see what happens.

As always, the content on this page will be ever-growing. I've run out of the five megabyte space that I've been allowed, so fortunately there is free webpage space available on other websites. If you'd like, please let me know what you'd like to see. Maybe I'll add more pictures, or rescan the existing ones at better resolutions.

One of my favorite things is Japanese animation (or ANIME)!

Three lovely ladies
By the way, these lovely ladies are Kyoko, Ako, and Ai

Maison Ikkoku -
VIZ Communications - LINK - LINK - LINK - LINK

Project Ako -

Video Girl Ai -
VIZ Communications - LINK - LINK

For a more general Anime link, check these lists out:

Animanga Community and the The Anime Network site

Some fun stuff

Random Links - When you have nothing to look for
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More info on the Great Old Days of Adventure Gaming...

It's a scary thing when someone you know goes into surgery. It makes you think of death and all the things that could go wrong. But you have to put your trust in those whose profession it is to save lives. It has brought home the message that your body is the only one you have and you need to take care of it. Through eating right, exercising properly, playing hard but playing safely, and routine check-ups. It is in your best interest to follow the advice of the medical professionals that you go to.

That's not to say that you should blindly follow their say, but that you should also be an informed patient. If they advise something, you should research it on your own as much as possible, so that you are comfortable with it. Like the old GI Joe cartoon series emphasized, "Knowing is half the battle...". I suppose Sy Syms said something similar with "The informed consumer is our best customer." So I urge everyone to support the various organizations that try to find the cures to save lives. I've already lost one young friend and one young relative to cancer, a long time ago. Please help.

American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
Race for the Cure
Yahoo list of Diseases and Conditions

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