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8/2/2000 - Mini Update

It's been four months since my last update, but boy, has it been a busy four months.

I proposed to my girlfriend three months ago, and she accepted. There's not much of a story to tell, but it still felt great nonetheless.

We got married at the Queens County courthouse two weeks ago, and hopefully I'll have the video up. This is the shortest wedding ceremony I have EVER been to. Neither of us are religious, so we decided that a church wedding would be overkill/waste of money. Might as well put all the effort into the banquet.

Plus in that time, I moved out of my rented brooklyn apartment to live with her up in Forest Hills. That's quite a co-incidence, because when I was looking for places to live back in December/January, I had considered buying a place up in Rego Park or Kew Gardens. Good thing I decided against it. But then again, I thought I was going to be alone for another two years or so.

The website for the Chinatown post of the American Legion is up, but still under construction. Check it out at http://www.ltkimlau.com. The Director project with the Museum of Chinese in the Americas is going well. Check them out at http://www.moca-nyc.org.


Well, two months since my last update. A lot has happened since then. Wow, where to begin...
Well, got one cousin who gave birth to a little girl. They're all doing okay. Congrats, Jeanne and Troy and baby McBride
The website for the Chinatown post of the American Legion is up, but still under construction. Check it out at http://www.ltkimlau.com. The Director project with the Museum of Chinese in the Americas is going well. Check them out at http://www.moca-nyc.org. Plus the biggest news of all. (Drum roll please...)

I've met somebody new!

She is such a nice person. She is devoted and caring, and so understanding of my little quirks. She is so cute. And she knows nothing about computers. We just had dinner with our two sets of parents, and all went well. Everyone is so pleased.

So far, all the friends and family that we've met are happy for us. Her friends and family like me, my friends and family like her. Wow. This is so great

Perhaps one day I can put the whole story out, but for now, only my close friends know the whole, true story. I guess I learned to be a little less open, in order to accomodate other people's feelings.

I feel much, much, much, much better now. 2/16/2000

Okay, finally got ALL the pictures scanned and placed. Now I have to work on the commentary. And all this while trying to piece my life back together, and moving into a new apartment, and trying to date again, and working on learning Macromedia Director to help a non-profit museum in Chinatown, and working with the Chinatown branch of the American Legion on putting stuff on the web.

And then I get a call from my (not really) cousin who wanted to see if I was available to go up to Vermont to help with some house construction. Sorry Anne!

But, overall, I feel much, much better now.

Actually, now I am expanding into other free websites because the space needed for the pictures is maxing out the space on my home server.


Well, just got over the flu. Hopefully next year I will remember to get a flu shot. Two days after the new year, it knocked me out for a week. Unfortunately I had so many things planned to do, but now have to catch up one week of stuff.

Still scanning pictures. Damn, I wish I was able to take advantage of the Kodak PhotoCD option. It's taking me about 4 minutes per picture, and with 300 pictures to scan, it will take a long time.

Managed to find an apartment to move to. Will have more info as I move.


Just a little update to the page, before the New Year's. Just in case the world ends tomorrow, I just wanted to say Thanks to everyone that mattered to me this past year. To each and every one of you, you may not think you did much, but everything you did do was greatly appreciated. Sometimes all a person needs is for someone just to be there for them. So, Thank you all. And here's to a good year.

And don't worry about Y2K. Everything will work out fine.

Back to 12/17/99

Hi everyone! I am back from vacation, although a little slow in announcing it. I had such a great time going around to all the different places, meeting old friends and making new ones.

Unfortunately, I had scheduled dental surgery the day after I got back. I did not realize the extent of my needs. Without going into great detail right now, I was butchered. Thursday, I had the dental work done at 10am. Friday, I felt fine, but then I slept ALL DAY saturday. The last thing I remember is coming home from MJ night, saying goodnight to everyone at home at 1am, then waking up Sunday morning at 2am. I had slept for 25 hours straight.

Anyway, still feeling tired, either from jetlag or the surgery or both. Wasn't able to do everything I wanted to. Seeing as how it is so close to Christmas, I had this plan to rush out cards in the mail. And now it's only one week away. I can try, but things will be late, especially to overseas addresses. Oh well. That's why we have the Internet now! E-cards to everyone!

I am working on scanning all the photos (all 15 rolls of film) to put up on the webpage. Plus my 60 pages of journal notes to refresh my memory. The first installment is almost ready. I will put up what I can as I get it.

Go to the VACATIONS link at the bottom of the page or click this VACATIONS link.

It's good to be back. Now my energies are focused on finding a place to live.

Here's what my itinerary was for those who are curious and did not see it before...

15Nov99 From: New York Kennedy NY, To: Hong Kong 17Nov99
19Nov99 From: Hong Kong, Hong Kong To: Tokyo 19Nov99
26Nov99 From: Fukuoka, Japan To: Taiwan 26Nov99
26Nov99 From: Taiwan To: Hong Kong 26Nov99
Hong Kong - Taipei : Taipei - Singapore : Singapore - Bangkok : Bangkok - Hong Kong : Hong Kong - New York
11/30 HKG-TPE
12/5 SIN-BKK
12/8 BKK-HKG
12/8 HKG-JFK

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