My 1995 Cross Country Vacation
1995 Cross Country Itinerary
My 1996 "Cousin-only" Vacation
1996 "Cousin-only" Itinerary

My hobbies/Interests/Ambitions


Professional Engineer License

Writing (SciFi/Fantasy) - Many works in progress, but not a one finished...

Drawing (the background is a sample of my work - More to come) - Thanks Marc!

Comic Books (Marvel and DC originally, but now mostly anime titles. I got really turned off when Marvel started putting out five different titles per month for each character. Hey, just how much money do you think we kids had!)

Role-Playing Games (AD&D, Champions, Traveller - The good ol' days long before Collectible Card Games...)

Computers (Ever since the seventh grade in 1980, starting with the TRS-80 Model I!)

Home Theater - 27" TV w/Hi-Fi VCR, LD Player, Five Speaker system, and 250 Watt Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound Stereo Receiver



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